Jim Bishop Has Built This Castle Singlehandedly since the Late 60's.


He Claims, Probably Legitimately, That It Is the Largest Structure Built by One Person.


Jim Bishop Is a Steel Fabricator and Has Built Many Steel Walkways on the Castle.


The Tallest Towers Stand Well Above the Surrounding Tall Pine Trees.


Visitors Can Climb Up the Towers and Walk Out Onto the Walkways.


Mr. Bishop Has Moved Many of the Huge Stones by Hand.


Note the Old Scaffolding on the Side of the Tower.


Looking Down from One Tower. Note How Small the Pickup Looks on the Far Left.


Some of the Steel Walkways Sway Slightly When Walking on Them.


High Above the Tips of the Pine Trees.


One of the Beautiful Tourists.


Steep Narrow Stairway. Enter the Castle at Your Own Risk.


Large Dragon Head. It Was Fire-Breathing at One Time.


See Part of the Dragon Head Top Center.


Inside Lower Level.


Spiral Staircase.


Huge Grand Ballroom.



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