Water Clock.










The Arkansas River Below and the Railroad Tracks.


Pedestrians or Automobiles Can Cross.


The Arkansas River Below.


The Colorado Portion of the Arkansas River Is the Most Rafted River in the Nation.


A Train and Another Raft. Over 200,000 Rafters a Year Navigate the Arkansas.


Boarding the Incline Railway to the Bottom.


The Incline Railway Car Nearing the Bottom.


The Bridge and Canyon Seen from Below.




Rafters Approaching the Rapids at the Bottom of the Canyon.


In the Rapids.




Kayaker Entering the Rapids.


Where Did He Go?


Made It Through!


Aerial Tram Car (in the Cloud) Seen from the Bottom of the Canyon.


Closer Look at the Aerial Tram Car.




Aerial Tram Boarding Platform.


The Skycoaster: A Big Swing Out over the Canyon.


I Chose Not To Ride This!


Elk in the Park.


Buffalo in the Park.


Buffalo Calf.


Ponies To Ride.


More Ponies.


Bridge with Canyon Below.


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