The Tallest Sand Dunes on the North American Continent.


See the Interesting Video at the Visitor Center Before Climbing the Dunes.


The Base of Star Peak, the Tallest Peak. It Is About 750' Tall. See the People on the Peak.


Children Love To Roll Down the Slopes.


Sledding Down the Slopes Is Great Fun.


Rolling and Sledding Down the Slopes.


Starting the Climb.


About 1/4 Up Star Peak. Don't Miss the People at the Peak.


Wishing I Was Coming Back Down As These People Were.


Sandboarder on the Slopes.


Great Ride!


About 3/4 Up. It Gets Steep Near the Top.


These Cliffs Are Safe To Jump From.


People of All Ages Roll Down the Sandy Slopes.


Nearing the Top. First View of the Back Side.


Only 75 More Steps to the Top. Go Early in the Morning To Avoid This Blowing Sand.


View from the Peak.


View from the Peak Toward the Parking Lot. It's Farther Than It Looks Here.


Waves in the Sand.


Getting Closer to the Parking Lot. Coming Down Is Certainly Easier than Going Up!


My Tracks Back in the Sand. Was I Really at the Peak!


Interesting Shadows. Best Shadows Are Early Morning or Evening.


Back at the Base.


Numerous Picnic Tables. Everyone Is Hungry When They Get Back Down.


Group Picnic Area.


Nice Campgrounds. Notice the Dunes in the Background.


Leaving the Dunes. It's Been a Great Day!


Panorama of a Small Segment of the Dunes.


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